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Camila moved to Mexico City as soon as she graduated from San Silvestre. There she studied Dentistry, which she had always wanted to do. After a year of internships in Yauyos, she travelled to Barcelona to obtain her master's degree in Paediatric Dentistry. Although she had planned to stay three for years, she stayed fifteen.

She is currently a wife and mother, a professor at the Cayetano Heredia University of Peru and a health blogger.  She has a successful pediatric dentistry clinic and travels the world giving talks on prevention and motivation.

 “I believe that one of the things I value most about the education I received in school is the empowerment of women. The feeling that there really is no limit to our professional development.

The school taught me to think critically, to ask when I failed to understand something, to express my opinion openly, to look for constructive solutions to problems, to communicate well in English (essential in science) and to adapt to changes. As if that was not enough, it gave me lifetime friends, those that are there for you at crucial times”

new_Fiorella Pennano
Fiorella Pennano
After graduating for the school in 2007, Fiorella travelled to Toronto, Canada where she graduated with honours from the acting...
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new_Verónica Alvarez
Verónica Alvarez
A professional dancer, singer and actress with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Universidad Del Pacífico.
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new_Mariana Costa
Mariana Costa
Believing in the empowerment of women, Mariana founded Laboratorio, a social enterprise in which women who have been unable to gain access...
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new_Alexia Cook, Ariana Ferraro, Thais Maggiolo
Alexia Cook, Ariana Ferraro, Thais Maggiolo
Three former pupils of San Silvestre, first cousins Ariana, Thais and Alexia (2003, 2004 and 2006), two of them administrators and the other an economist, are
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