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Luciana studied Communication for Development at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, training as an actress at the same time. However, it was clown and music that really became her passion and that is what she is involved in today. In addition to graduating as a social communicator, she decided to take advantage of performing arts to create social changes by working directly with people with physical and mental disabilities in hospitals and rehabilitation centres.

 “I find it very easy to deal with empathy and horizontal logic, understanding that we don’t all have the same skills or come from the same place. San Silvestre taught me not to be afraid to be different, to know how to value music, arts and culture and understand that through them we can also set free our mind and our imagination. My school taught me to enjoy learning, and thanks to that, I now enjoy being authentic and learning constantly, whether in a theatre or in a hospital The discipline, perseverance and order that a program like the International Baccalaureate instilled in me has marked my professional development to this day and it is something that I always apply and am ever grateful for."

new_Camila Palma
Camila Palma
Camila moved to Mexico City as soon as she graduated from San Silvestre. There she studied Dentistry which she had always wanted to do. After...
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new_Grace Hemmerde
Grace Hemmerde
Ever since she climbed into a kart with her Dad at age 14, Grace Hemmerde never stopped wanting to drive. She fulfilled her desire to become a...
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new_Alexia Cook, Ariana Ferraro, Thais Maggiolo
Alexia Cook, Ariana Ferraro, Thais Maggiolo
Three former pupils of San Silvestre, first cousins Ariana, Thais and Alexia (2003, 2004 and 2006), two of them administrators and the other an economist, are
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new_Mariana Costa
Mariana Costa
Believing in the empowerment of women, Mariana founded Laboratorio, a social enterprise in which women who have been unable to gain access...
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