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San Silvestre is a safe, nurturing, positive and respectful learning environment where every student has the opportunity to grow
and reach her full potential. We form happy young women who are sure of themselves. The warm and caring atmosphere of San Silvestre makes this a challenging and stimulating environment where girls learn with all the support they need but without pressure.  We dedicate time, people and resources to nurture the emotional and social wellbeing of our students.


San Silvestre is a place where girls are encouraged to pursue their dreams, achieve academic excellence, form long-lasting friendships and develop a spirit of inquiry. Girls grow with confidence and become active and responsible members of a global society.

We value the uniqueness of each and every student and the wonderful diversity of our community. San Silvestre is very often referred to as the “San Silvestre Family”; building a strong sense of community is fundamental to the ethos of our school. We know that pupils who feel a sense of belonging are confident and motivated; they act ethically and they develop positive social and emotional skills.

Underlying our rigorous academic curriculum is a hidden but tangible curriculum of values and ethical behaviour; this is at the heart of everything we do. It is our Vision that every student becomes a “principled citizen of an ever-changing world.”

Our caring community extends far beyond the boundaries of the school gates. Our students are ethical, active and proactive citizens who are involved in a vast array of Service Learning Projects; their enthusiastic participation in these projects reflects the values and care which suffuse the kind environment in which they grow.


"For me, San Silvestre is so much more than the school I went to. It was my second home, filled with loving and caring people who devoted themselves to raising girls with the San Silvestre motto. A San Silvestre student will always strive for excellence but will never put herself in front of others. A San Silvestre student is responsible, persevering, meticulous, objective yet also broad minded and empathetic.

... San Silvestre, taught me to appreciate the small things, that a smile can do wonders, to think before speaking, that my actions may have negative impacts on others.

It is because of San Silvestre that I chose to study something I love instead of something I was good at. I chose an uncertain future instead of promised success; however, I have never regretted it because the true definition of success is doing something that makes you happy every single day. In short, I paused today to say thank you to all the people who led me to where I stand today."

- Francesca Accame -