Job Opportunities

Student Care - is a job for everyone!

Every member of staff is part of our community of care and each one works to ensure that our school is a safe
and caring learning environment for every girl. We firmly believe that when our students feel safe, when they
have a strong sense of belonging and positive relationships - they are ready and predisposed to flourish and learn.


Assistant Head - Student Care

Each section of the school has an Assistant Head who oversees and manages all aspects of Student Care. The Assistant Heads, together with the Year Level Coordinators, Form Teachers and psychologists, constitute a strong and skilled team of professionals who focus on and attend to, the social and emotional needs of our students.

Rosario Mendivil
Rosario Mendivil
Early Years
Britt Dierking
Britt Dierking
Patricia Moane
Patricia Moane
Form Teachers

Our excellent Form Tutors are vital in achieving the vision and mission of our school. The Form Teacher’s role is central in both caring for students and monitoring their progress, commitment and high standards of work and behaviour. Through their daily contact with the students, Form Teachers play a major part in fostering positive approaches to life and learning. Form teachers meet and greet their tutees every day and they participate in the PSE / VDP programmes which focus on the development of the whole person.The Form Teacher is the first person to whom our students will turn to for help or advice.

An excellent form teacher is essential for every student; they assume the role of advocates, champions, critical friends and advisors.

Year Level Coordinators

Year Level Coordinators promote, develop and enhance the mission, vision and ethos of the school. They are responsible for the overall pastoral care of the students in their designated year level. Year Level Coordinators exist to ensure and promote the wellbeing of students, individually and as a cohort. They work closely with the Assistant Head - Student Care, the psychologists, the form teachers, and together they form a strong horizontal and vertical Pastoral Care and Welfare team.


Our school psychologists use their advanced training in human development and behaviour to help students live and flourish in the school environment. They work to improve students’ lives across a number of areas, including social and emotional health and behaviour. The primary clients of our school psychologists are the students however, to assist students effectively, they also work very closely with teachers, school administrators, parents and other health professionals, whenever required.