Job Opportunities

Passion to Inspire

Drawn from different countries around the world, San Silvestre teachers share the school’s philosophy, considering each pupil as a unique and special individual. A warm teacher-pupil relationship enables the girls to express their opinions, take initiatives, contribute ideas and provide solutions.

The school is acknowledged as an institution with a highly qualified teaching staff - hence the advice and assistance requested by different private and State entities. 

Continuous professional development (CPD) ensures that teachers share and update their knowledge and methodology. Through the various organisations with which the school is associated: LAHC (Latin American Heads Conference), BSP (British Schools of Peru), IB (International Baccalaureate), CIE, GSA (Girls School Association), International Award Scheme, Round Square and the services of international experts, the school maintains lively input regarding best practice.


Profile of the San Silvestre Teacher

Having a teacher’s vocation has been highlighted as a special mission, and this implies the following attitudes and capabilities.

Our teachers:

  • Enjoy teaching and facilitate learning.

  • Are aware of their skills and limitations; they are capable of self-criticism and are willing to receive feedback from others.

  • Have an intellectual curiosity and they seek continued professional development.

  • Are patient, kind and courteous.

  • Are considerate, understanding and fair. They display consistency between what is said and what is done.

  •  Are capable of reflecting and responding rather than reading.

  • Know how to establish clear limits, they model and encourage respect.

  • Have the ability to develop the students’ self-esteem, constantly encouraging their overall development.

  • Have the potential to be form teachers and are ready to offer pastoral guidance.

  •  Are capable of recognizing, accepting and celebrating personal, cultural, religious and racial differences.

  • Are punctual and organised.

  • Are positive and capable of facing and overcoming problems.

  • Are capable of communicating with their students.

  • Are capable of helping the students become aware of the different realities in Peru; of its problems and potential, in a globalised world.

  • Have the necessary qualities to balance the academic, technological, physical, creative and formative elements of a well-rounded education.

  • Are aware of the learning differences of the students and are skilled at wing adaptive methods to facilitate learning for all students.

  • Are tactful and discreet, honest and loyal.

  • Are willing to contribute to the creative, sporting and aesthetic development of the students.

  • Embody the attributes of the learner profile.

  • Have a growth mindset.

These characteristics are consistent with the philosophy of San Silvestre: to have a teaching staff capable and committed to providing a holistic education for the students entrusted to our care.


"In parting, we would like to say that we have loved every minute of our time here. San Silvestre is an exceptional school that has done wonders for our girls!  We can not say enough about the excellent teachers, who have shown nothing but kindness, caring, professionalism and patience. 

We don't know if the schools in our home country can hold up to this standard! We are very thankful for the wonderful opportunities they have had here!"

- A San Silvestre Parent-