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From the Head

San Silvestre is an extraordinary place. With a vibrant community of 1,400 girls, our commitment is unwavering - to nurture the academic and personal growth of each and every one of them.

For almost 90 years, we have built a rich legacy, and our vision continues to evolve. We aspire to provide a world-class education that not only empowers our girls but also instills in them curiosity, leadership, innovation, courage, and integrity. Founded in 1938, we cherish our time-honored traditions, but we are also forward-looking, embracing new educational approaches to prepare our young women for their ongoing education and lives beyond our gates.

San Silvestre is a truly bilingual school, offering a unique blend of Peruvian and international educational programs. Our goal is to equip our girls with the confidence, articulation, and independence they need to navigate a rapidly changing world successfully. We believe in nurturing qualities that enable them to make a positive difference in the lives they lead.

In this joyful and close-knit community, every individual is known, friendships flourish, and students cherish each other's company. The genuine love shared among students and teachers, both past and present, forms the bedrock of our culture. Lifelong friendships are forged here, based on common values of mutual respect, integrity, and honesty. We instill in our students a strong sense of civic and global responsibility from an early age. Our school motto, 'I am, I can, I ought. I will.' reflects the spirit of self and the expectation of responsibility, initiative, and drive that our students will develop during their time at San Silvestre.

At San Silvestre, we recognize the profound impact of an all-girls' education. Our girls not only thrive academically but also leave as strong, empowered young women, ready to take their place as active and responsible global citizens.

As the Head of this remarkable school, I am immensely proud.

Thank you for visiting our website, and we invite you to explore all that San Silvestre has to offer. Together, we shape the future of our students and the world they will lead.

Michael Bardsley



San Silvestre is a leading all-girls school in Lima, Peru. We value and feel proud of our long-standing traditions while simultaneously embracing innovation, which places us at the vanguard of outstanding 21st Century education.

Our students are at the centre of everything we do. Our dedicated teaching staff encourage students to explore their diverse talents and interests in a safe all-girls environment.  The rich range of school experiences enables our girls to grow into confident and principled young women.  It is an absolute privilege for us to see how they develop and blossom during their time here.

I am proud to say that San Silvestre has been a huge part of my personal and professional life. I have very fond memories of my time in San Silvestre as a student and more recently, I was delighted to see my daughter form deep friendships and enjoy a wide range of unforgettable experiences in school. In the professional realm, I was part of the teaching team in the Primary Section, then a member of the Primary Senior Leadership Team and now I am privileged to be the Peruvian Director.

What do all of these experiences have in common? Our students, staff and parents feel proud to belong to such a warm and caring community of life-long learners. I hope that our website will transmit some of these sentiments. Please explore, and I am sure you will capture something of the essence of our happy and successful school.

Welcome to San Silvestre.

Brenda Seoane
Peruvian Director
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