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The Primary Section curriculum consists of the following subjects: an integrated programme of English and Social Studies, an integrated programme of Spanish and Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, ICT (Information and Communication Technology), Religion or Worldviews, Values and Traditions, Music, Drama, Art and P.E. (Physical Education). French is introduced as a third language in Grade 4. Some subjects are integrated through related themes; this enables pupils to make all manner of connections between subjects thereby enhancing and deepening their learning.  A programme of Extension Experiences ensures that students are provided with the opportunity to explore non-academic and challenging experiences within the school timetable at least once a week.

These experiences include a variety of art, dance and drama classes; yoga, choir, photography, animation, coding, robotics and personal development activities.

Emphasis is placed on individual progress through inquiry, higher order thinking, collaborative learning and self-expression.

Each grade explores different themes in both English and Spanish; these are carefully selected to create a coherent programme of study for all pupils. All themes is intrinsically interesting and engaging; learning is designed to develop independence, critical thinking, problem solving ability and excellent inquiry and communication skills.

Reading is at the heart of all learning and every child's personal and intellectual development is influenced by the range and quality of their reading. Mindful of this, we very actively promote extensive reading for pleasure.

"Reading is to the mind what light is to the eye..." (Helen Keller).