Job Opportunities

Strengthening School Spirit

As part of the overall development of our pupils, we believe that the events organized by the school are an essential part of the learning process.


Carefully planned events provide pupils with opportunities to acquire decision-making skills, to participate in a wide range of different events, interact with pupils in different years, develop a sense of empathy and camaraderie, exercise leadership, discover their own talents and respect those of others, develop their planning and organizational skills. In addition, pupils learn the true value of cooperation, collaboration and friendship, so essential in school life, and establish everlasting ties with the school.

The following are some of the main events:

  • Sports Days (in each section)
  • House Afternoons
  • Inter-school competitions (academic, artistic and sporting)
  • Inter-House competitions (academic, artistic, sporting, extra-curricular activities)
  • House Meetings
  • Assemblies
  • Open Week
  • Book Week
  • Science Week
  • Community Service Projects and Activities
  • Integration activities
  • Leadership workshops
  • Camping
  • Excursions
  • One day and weekend retreats
  • Outdoor pursuits
  • Theatre productions
  • Musical concerts
  • Spirit Week
  • Festivals
  • The promotion trip
  • School Fair / Kermesse
  • International Trips
  • International Conferences (IB, MUN, LAHC)

In addition, students in the Secondary Section may apply to participate in international and national student exchanges through Round Square. In 2018 / 2019 students went to Canada and Northern Ireland.

All pupils in Secondary participate in a week-long outdoor pursuits trip involving some of the following: camping, rope work, climbing, trekking or river rafting. They may also opt to develop their skills by participating in Duke of Edinburgh Award programme.