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After finishing school in 2007, Ariana studied art at the PUCP and subsequently travelled to Buenos Aires to study jewellery-making in the University of Palermo. In addition, she took courses at the Jewellery Arts Institute in New York.  On her return to Lima she began working on her brand, Ariana Santillana, which was officially brought into being in 2014.

From a very young age, the school always helped me connect with my creative side. While art classes and artistic activities were an important part of the daily schedule, different competitions were added over the years, such as flower arranging, art or cake decorating, which prompted me to cast aside my routine and explore those out of the ordinary activities, all of which encouraged me to cultivate my creativity, explore without limits and start to discover my tastes and talents.

Now I can say that, thanks to my experiences during all those years at school, I was not afraid to continue exploring and to devote myself full time to an artistic career.”

new_Fiorella Pennano
Fiorella Pennano
After graduating for the school in 2007, Fiorella travelled to Toronto, Canada where she graduated with honours from the acting...
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new_Lucia Rodrigo
Lucia Rodrigo
Lucia finished school in 2010, after obtaining the top score in the International Baccalaureate examinations (45 points). She entered the PUCP to study law...
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new_Adriana Arnillas
Adriana Arnillas
Adriana graduated from San Silvestre in 2012. She gained a perfect score in the IB (45 points). She studied Administration at Universidad...
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new_Alexia Cook, Ariana Ferraro, Thais Maggiolo
Alexia Cook, Ariana Ferraro, Thais Maggiolo
Three former pupils of San Silvestre, first cousins Ariana, Thais and Alexia (2003, 2004 and 2006), two of them administrators and the other an economist, are
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