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A professional dancer, singer and actress with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Universidad Del Pacífico. Veronica graduated from San Silvestre in 2003 after several successful years, both academically and artistically. She obtained her first leading role in 2016 in the play "In the Neighbourhood" and months after her debut, she was assigned the same role in the same play in Washington DC, United States. Early in 2018 she won the Dancehall World Championship in Paris with his dance group and, subsequently, she premiered in her next production in Lima: Cabaret.

 “Studying in San Silvestre School definitely gave me the foundation I needed to fulfil my life goals. My memories of the school are the most beautiful I have. San Silvestre instilled responsibility in me and encouraged me to develop my artistic abilities. I was always a very committed student but always spent time on the stage, dancing, singing and acting.

I remember my last year at school. I had to finish the IB, which is a demanding academic programme and I felt that I  would be unable to deal with the responsibility of playing the leading role in  that year's play. My teachers helped and supported me a great deal and gave me the confidence I needed. One of them, whom I remember very dearly, looked me in the eye and said "you can do everything ... if you refuse, we will have to cancel the show for the first time in the history of San Silvestre." I took it very seriously. Finally, I played the main role and graduated among the top fifth of the year group. That security and confidence of always being able to do what I want accompanies me in all my projects. It's incredible that some of my teachers still go to the theatre to see me; that bond created at school is something that I also value very much and am forever grateful for. "

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