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Although some would argue that we should not get involved in the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, as most of us are not African American or even living in the US, it is our duty to stand besides those who are being oppressed. We may not be discriminated against or oppressed because of our race, but as women, we know what it feels like to be disregarded by society and how awful it feels to be seen as ‘lesser than’ for traits we cannot possibly control. Nonetheless, we should not support the movement because of our experiences as women: we should support the movement because it is basic human decency to demand equality for everyone, regardless of race, sexuality, religion or gender. The ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement should remind us to be better, do better and do something when faced with situations of injustice. Change starts with oneself, if we want to eradicate racism, start by being aware of your words and actions, always trying to educate and bring awareness to those who are ignorant of the issue. We have the privilege to be able to learn about racism instead of experiencing it, so we call our community to raise awareness and achieve equality.

Form VI Student in San Silvestre School

new_Five ExPupils recognized by the PUCP with the Award for Excellence
Five ExPupils recognized by the PUCP with the Award for Excellence
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new_Co-hosting the Regional Americas Round Square Conference
Co-hosting the Regional Americas Round Square Conference
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new_Solidarity Fund
Solidarity Fund
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new_2020 student-led LAHC Student Conference
2020 student-led LAHC Student Conference


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