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Arts Day

On June 14th, we celebrated Arts Day, this was an activity for Secondary students. Arts Day aims to encourage students to explore and experience new arts within the school.

For this occasion, we had 12 different activities created by the 11 Secondary councils. Each activity focused on a different area of art. Some of the activities that were held during the day were:

Visual Arts - Art Shake
Visual Arts (3D) - Mystery Art 
Interior Design - Designing with Kindness
Media / Press - Absurd News 
Fashion - Runway Art
Culinary - Blind Date With A Sandwich 
Sing - Sing My Cheer 
Dance - Ballroom Dance Competition 
Music - Music Performance 
Film - Empower The Scene
Photography - Flash Frame Fix!
Drama - Act It Off 

In addition, we had the amazing opportunity to close our event with the first in school Folklore after the two years of the pandemic.
new_Platinum Jubilee
Platinum Jubilee
Congratulations to Her Majesty the Queen on becoming the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee after 70 years of service. 
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new_Round Square Trips  2022
Round Square Trips 2022
During the summer, several secondary students had the opportunity to travel abroad as part of our Round Square programme. They all had different and unforgettable experiences.
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new_Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II
Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II

1926 -2022 - We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Her Majesty The Queen, Elizabeth II. 


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