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Model United Nations (also Model UN or MUN) is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda.

The participants role-play as diplomats representing a country or NGO in a simulated session of a committee of the United Nations, such as the Security Council or the General Assembly. Participants research a country, take on roles as diplomats, investigate international issues, debate, deliberate, consult, and then develop solutions to world problems. More recently, simulation of other deliberative bodies, such as the United Nations Security Council, has been included in Model United Nations, even if they are completely unrelated to the UN or international affairs as a whole. In general, the participants that the executive panel considers to be most contributing are given awards, such as 'Best Delegate award'.

During a conference, participants must employ a variety of communication and critical thinking skills in order to represent the policies of their country. These skills include public speaking, group communication, research, policy analysis, active listening, negotiating, conflict resolution, note taking, and technical writing. However, school delegation formats vary from region to region.

San Silvestre girls participate in MUN conferences organized by schools in Lima such as Markham College, Newton College and Roosevelt School. We usually send teams of 30-40 delegates and always win awards. Once a year a conference is organized at San Silvestre to which schools in Peru are invited. In recent years schools from Cajamarca, Huaraz and Lima have attended with over 150 delegates in total. All of the committees are organized and chaired by the MUN Secretariat (San Silvestre students) who pride themselves on putting on a first rate event.

The culmination of the MUN experience for many is the annual international MUN conference. In recent years we have attended the prestigious Harvard Model United Nations in Boston with a delegation of around 20 girls. This event allows us to engage in a high level of debate and to interact with students from all around the world. We also take the opportunity to visit the campuses of MIT and Harvard.

The MUN group is very active, growing and entirely student run. It provides opportunities for girls to organize, debate and have fun.

In addition, the University of Lima organizes an annual MUN event for secondary upper school students from all over Peru in which San Silvestre students shine. In 2013 San Silvestre School was named the Best Delegation.

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