Secondary Section
Our Teachers

Selected among the best in Great Britain, Peru and other countries, San Silvestre teachers share the school’s ethos, considering every pupil to be a unique and special individual.  A warm teacher-pupil relationship gives girls the chance to state their opinions, take initiative, contribute ideas and find solutions.

San Silvestre teachers meet constantly to discuss and evaluate the overall development of their pupils,  in keeping with the school’s policy to take responsibility for the care and well-being of its pupils, in addition to their academic development.

We particularly want to have an open communication between parents and the school.  To that end, the teachers schedule meetings with parents to discuss curriculum-related matters as well as other specific subjects, depending on the age of the pupils.

San Silvestre staff undergo constant training, attending workshops, conferences and national and international courses.  We also have an international curriculum development and appraisal consultants who work constantly in San Silvestre.


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