Brief Outline

The characteristic San Silvestre spirit depends greatly on the House system   Following the British tradition, each house has its own emblematic colour. The House system starts in Second Grade. Each student belongs to one of four Houses:   Conroy, Evans, Hope or Kufal.    House membership is inherited from one generation to the next and all members of one family belong to the same House.

Each House is directed by a House Captain, under the leadership of the Head Girl, both of whom are Form V pupils.  The House Captain is in charge of the main organisation, with the help of her teachers and peers.  This greatly encourages teamwork, since the House gives the students scores in academic achievement and behaviour.

The system of Housemarks is applied to academic work, effort, sports, conduct and special projects held during the year, thus promoting healthy competition.

This system also includes a number of activities and sports competitions, thereby fostering competition, an “esprit de corps”, a respect for talent and the promotion of leadership.


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