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Inquiry Based Learning

The world  is changing at an unimaginable pace and geographical boundaries have virtually been eliminated by the progress in technology.  Education, which is for life, must also change in order to reflect this new reality.

That is why in 2000, after a painstaking process,  a radically new and dynamic educational programme –  Inquiry Based Learning (IBL)  was introduced in the school, which enhanced  and unified the Primary school curriculum   To this day, this process has been guided, directed and evaluated by international experts.

What is this methodology based on?
It is based on the dynamic participation of the pupils in the learning process, in which the pupil is the protagonist.

“Tell me and I  forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I understand”.

The word “Inquiry” can be defined as the search for information through research.  In San Silvestre School, the careful sequence of topics creates a stimulating and attractive context that encourages questioning and arouses the pupils’ curiosity.  The IBL process places emphasis on the development of lifelong attitudes that will enable them to continue the search for information as long as they live.

What are the benefits of IBL?
IBL promotes the development of:

  • Open thinkers
  • Critical thinkers
  • Independent thinkers
  • Problem-solvers
  • Decision-makers
  • Risk-takers
  • Self-assurance

IBL is a powerful instrument  that helps develop:

  • Long-lasting mental skills
  • Information generalization and application skills
  • High level speaking, reading and writing skills
  • Teamwork strategies
  • A spirit of curiosity

“The objective of the education in San Silvestre is not to fill empty minds, but to create open minds”.


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