Secondary Section
Vocational Guidance

The Psychology Department is in charge of the Vocational Guidance programme for pupils of Forms IV and V.  This programme is aimed at doing everything possible to clarify any doubts pupils may have about the profession they intend to study.  Although “Vocation” implies their tendency or inclination,  the programme also considers the intellectual aptitude and personality of the pupils, which have a great deal to do with the choice of a career.

Pupils who follow the Psychology course in Form V carry out research work that gives them the opportunity to meet teachers, students and experts who will show them the practical aspects and potential of each career.  This experience gives them their first contact with universities and the professional world.  The above is complemented with a Careers Fair held at school every year, as well as visits to different universities.

The tests applied to each pupil evaluate Specific Aptitudes, Interests, Personalities and Learning Styles.


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