International Examinations & Agreements
Brief Outline

International Examinations
San Silvestre offers the University of Cambridge  IGCSE programme (International General Certificate of Secondary Education)  and the International Baccalaureate programme.

Advantages of international examinations:

  • The San Silvestre curriculum is up-to-date  and its content is of a very high standard.  The pupils develop many skills, including languages, field work, practical work, essay writing, research, extended essays, presentations.
  • The courses are largely in English and encourage the bilingual identity of the school.
  • The examinations provide students with internationally recognized certificates which bear testimony to achievements.
  • External assessment is an objective, reliable measurement of standards against which the school can gauge its performance in an international context.  The courses are intrinsically sound, providing standardized syllabi and course content.
  • The examinations provide easier access to universities, both in this country and abroad.  Several universities are also awarding credits for these exams.
  • They encourage the teaching staff to keep up to date with new educational techniques by constantly attending training courses.
  • They promote links with other schools and facilitate  the participation in activities, both in this country and abroad.

Educational Agreements
Participation in different local and international agreements provides numerous advantages, including research activities for teachers and pupils, participation in academic seminars and meetings, cultural exchanges and sporting activities, international training courses, student exchange programmes, among others.


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