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San Silvestre School continues to be closed due to the COVID 19 pandemic and on the instructions of the Peruvian Government.

San Silvestre has opened a SOLIDARITY FUND aimed at supporting those parents who are currently having financial difficulties caused by the pandemic. In a display of the solidarity which characterizes our community, we would like to invite parents, teachers, Ex-alumnae or even members beyond the community to make donations into this fund. In particular we would like to invite parents who are in a position to pay the full monthly school fees to pay the 10% discount into this fund with the aim of helping their daughter’s friends remain part of our school community. Any amount will be gratefully received and will go towards avoiding girl’s having to leave our school. 

Donations should be deposited in the Banco de Crédito into either of the savings accounts shown below: 

Account in Peruvian Soles: Nro.191-96889690-0-70

Account in American Dollars: Nro.191-96889706-1-87

Please could parents making a donation send a copy of the deposit voucher made to these accounts to the following mail: The corresponding certificate will be issued in accordance with “Resolución de Intendencia Sunat No. 0210050005378” This certificate will be sent by mail within two working days after receiving the donation.

Thank you in advance for your support.