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As part of the overall education provided in San Silvestre, we believe activities are an essential part of the learning process.

Both curricular and extra-curricular activities form part of our demanding educational programme. The difference lies in that curricular activities are fixed, whereas the extra-curricular activities are optional and pupils have a wide range from which to choose.

Curricular activities

Pupils are encouraged to use their imagination and express their feelings through activities like music and drama, among others, so as to achieve a balance between their mental, physical and emotional and formative development.

As an artistic activity, music encourages creativity and develops sensitivity and the intellect. In Forms III and IV, pupils have the opportunity to follow the IGCSE Music course.

San Silvestre gives its pupils the opportunity to develop and express their creativity through various artistic expressions. The Art Centre has spacious modern rooms specially designed to create the ideal working environment for ceramics, painting, sculpture, engraving, and so on. The school offers IGCSE and IB Art courses for pupils who wish to study this subject more in depth.

Physical Education, Swimming and Sports
It has been proved that sports foster discipline, companionship and a respect for others, as well as developing motor skills and co-ordinated movements. The purpose-built Sports Centre gives facilities for a broad range and includes an eight- lane indoor pool.

Drama activities give pupils the opportunity to express themselves in a creative manner.

Creative Arts
This course forms part of the Form III programme. Its purpose is to give pupils the opportunity to choose an activity in which they can create and enjoy something that is not strictly academic. The options we offer include photography, poetry workshop, pottery, engraving, music workshop, drama, cinema appreciation, card-making, oil painting and cooking.

Extra - Curricular Activities

Pupils have a wide range of extra-curricular activities from which to choose, in which they can develop their non-academic talents in an appropriate environment, in the company of their friends, so that they may try out new interests to complement their academic persuits. Extra-curricular activities are compulsory for Grade 6, Form I and II and take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Extra-curricular activities are conducted by teachers and outside specialists. They vary from year to year but may include some of the following:

This activity develops co-ordination, rhythm and an ear for music.

News Video
This is an entertaining way of learning about interviews, news reports, newsreels, etc., promoting creativity, advertising reports and social campaigns.

Dancing and Choreography
Choreography is the art of constructing dance numbers. Body, space, rhythm and so on are used to create short sequences. Using different musical rhythms, the pupils learn to organize dance steps and sequences created in class, resulting in a choreography for the entertainment of both the dancers and the spectators. They also learn to select appropriate costumes and simple scenery for each choreography.

This activity consists of recovering and using discarded materials or objects, bringing them back to life as photo frames, ornaments, gift boxes, hair bands and so on. It definitely develops creativity.

International Cookery
This is a totally practical activity, in which pupils learn the basic concepts so that they can then cook meals at home. They will also learn to present the food attractively.

Mad about Science
This activity gives pupils the opportunity to carry out practical experiments in an enjoyable manner, thus discovering how our world works.

In this activity, the best films are selected and opinions exchanged about the argument, the director’s message and so on.

Students create their own jewellery with different kinds of materials.


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