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Living in a globalised world, fluency in a range of languages is not so much a privilege but an essential requirement. San Silvestre School considers the learning of different languages to be of utmost importance to increase access to and a deeper understanding of other cultures.

In the Primary Section, the structure of the school day is such that students spend the greater part of their timetable in courses taught in English, thereby developing confidence and competence to be balanced bilinguals.

Research has shown that “children do not learn language by learning language”; they learn language through active and authentic communication: speaking, reading, listening and interacting with the language to explore ideas and solve real problems.

It is our goal that students leave the Primary Section with a wide range of “future-ready” attributes to ensure they are:

  • Creative/innovative thinkers
  • Proficient readers
  • Effective communicators
  • Knowledgeable global citizens
  • Capable technology users
  • Efficient researchers
  • Strong team contributors
  • Effective problem-solvers
  • Independent learners

French is introduced as a third language in Grade Four.

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