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International Examinations

Other International Examinations

Other International Examinations

The IGCSE is a two-year course prepared by Cambridge University for pupils aged 14 to 16. This is a broad-based, flexible programme designed to prepare students for subsequent pre-university courses. In San Silvestre School, this programme is followed in Forms III and IV, culminating with the external examinations taken entirely in English, this being a reliable and useful indicator for both the school and the pupils.

The IGCSE programme offers a large variety of courses, providing pupils with a broad, well-balanced base. The following courses are included in the areas covered:

  • Languages: English, Spanish, French and Chinese
  • Humanities: Geography, History, Economics, Child Development
  • Science: Coordinated Science (Double Award)
  • Technology: Information Technology
  • Arts: English Literature, Spanish Literature, Art and Music.

The Cambridge IGCSE examinations include Italian and Mandarin Chinese, both offered as part of the optional subjects available from Form III in secondary.  Italian is a very popular subject among our students who after two years of studying it will do their external examination in that area.  Mandarin Chinese IGCSE exam has been available at San Silvestre for several years now and with great results from San Silvestre students.  

In San Silvestre, students can take up to 11 IGCSE courses, the average number being between eight and nine per pupil, seven being the minimum.
Results at IGCSE have been consistently above world average.

This one year course is taken by those students who took the IGCSE French examination in Form III. It constitutes the first year of the two-year A level programme

In the area of Information Technology our students do the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) examination and obtain a certificate that shows competence in the use of the different Office tools (Word, Excel and Power Point).

In Form V, pupils taking the Internal programme can opt for the DELF B1 or the DELF B2 courses depending on whether they have taken IGCSE or AS French examinations in Form IV. Both are communicative courses but the upper level also includes French literature.

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