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Work with Parents

Work with Parents

Our interest in maintaining effective communication with parents is one of the differentiating factors that make many parents prefer San Silvestre.  We take great care to give immediate attention to the various messages that parents send us.

The Headmistress has an “open door” policy and she and the teachers are always willing to meet with parents with a sense of urgency, without making them wait several weeks for attention. 

The interest, commitment and active participation of parents in their daughters’ learning process are fundamental for students to achieve their objectives.

In San Silvestre, parents are considered partners in education and we encourage them to be involved in many activities that promote family integration.  Our pyramid system is a quick method of communication between the school and parents and between the parents themselves.

Making students feel happy and confident does not happen by accident, it is the result of hard work, dedication and care.  In San Silvestre we have the support of an excellent educational psychology department comprised of 6 recognised and experienced educational psychologists who specialize in children.

Their main role is to carry out psycho-educational evaluations through classroom observations, counselling parents when problems are detected and recommending therapy when deemed necessary to ensure the wellbeing of the student.

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