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Community of Care

Brief Outline

Brief Outline

San Silvestre is a safe, nurturing, positive and respectful learning environment that offers every student the opportunity to succeed and reach her full potential. We form happy children who are sure of themselves and we provide a challenging but warm and caring atmosphere in which they learn without unfair pressure. We have a sound, personalized education system and we encourage the emotional and social development of our pupils.

Our school is a place where girls are encouraged to pursue their dreams, achieve academic excellence, make long lasting friendships, develop a spirit of inquiry, and overall San Silvestre is a place where girls grow confidently to become active and responsible members of a global society.

We value each and every student, their uniqueness, and the diversity of our community, and the commitment and skills of our staff.  Building a strong sense of community is very important for us; we believe that when pupils feel they belong they are more likely to become academically motivated, to act ethically and to develop social and emotional competencies.

A caring community extends to the broader areas of social awareness and San Silvestre students actively take responsibility with community projects, thus reflecting the caring and nurturing environment in which they grow.

Teachers, administration and support staff are all part of this community of care and they ensure the promotion of a safe and caring learning environment.

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