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Individual Student Support

Individual Student Support

In addition to the individual attention permitted by small class size, San Silvestre offers personalised support for children with special needs.

Calling a need ´special´ may be misleading because the need or problem of a pupil may well be shared by many or it may not be extreme, unusual or complex but, rather, very ordinary. However, for the individual, the problem is ´special´ and in need of support and attention.

In all three sections, provision is made for those children to be identified, their needs assessed and, in close liaison with their teachers, an individual programme of support prepared.

Close communication with the parents of these children is established so that total support can be given. In Early Years and Primary through exercises in both languages and games specially designed by the Special Needs teachers, students are supported to improve in the areas that prevent them from achieving their very best, which, according to well-known educational psychologist, Mabel Condemarín, is to “learn easily for their own benefit.”

Experience has proved that learning difficulties can affect some pupils beyond the initial years and prevent them from developing adequately. Consequently, some years ago, San Silvestre School established an Individual Study Programme for Secondary School, in order to help pupils keep up with the demanding academic programme, for which they need to be proficient in three languages.

In Secondary, the Special Needs expert accompanies a previously selected group of pupils in the different classes, teaching these girls techniques to recover their loss of concentration, approaching subjects in different ways so that they can grasp concepts, and teaching them to organise their study methods properly, thus giving them the opportunity to learn at their own pace and according to their own capacity.

Well aware of these circumstances, San Silvestre School provides an educational framework that provides adequate stimulation at all levels, always bearing in mind the different learning styles and individual requirements of its pupils.

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