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Community Service

Community Service

From the time they start Nursery until the end of their school career, our pupils are encouraged to understand others and be fully aware of social needs and issues.

We live in a country marked by great contrasts. We are fortunate in being able to give our students the best opportunities to develop within a stimulating and caring environment, both at home and at school. Not all students and young people are so fortunate. At San Silvestre, our Community Service projects include those not only focused on supporting the underprivileged but also projects aimed at helping students who are suffering from serious illnesses and other groups in need of our assistance.

Our fundamental objective is the formation of our students as whole people. The Community Service programme heightens our students’ awareness of all people in their community and encourages them to accept the challenge to provide practical help and assume a humanitarian attitude. It is not our intention only to give charity, but also to provide our students with opportunities to establish caring relationships with those in more challenging situations than themselves.

Community service work in the Secondary Section is largely voluntary and pupils of all years can participate. Divided into groups, they are responsible for putting a project into practice. They choose the area (health, education, ecology, among others) and the institution they want to work with and design campaigns within and outside the school to raise funds and meet their objectives.

The community service programme in the Primary Section is called Helping Hands. Through Helping Hands we instigate and support a number of projects in which we provide assistance for people less fortunate than our students.

In the Early Years Section, girls support the Community Service Projects throughout the School with fund-raising and specific collections.

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