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Community of Care

Bullying Policy

Bullying has been described as “a pattern of repeated aggressive behaviour, with negative intent, directed from one child to another, where there is a power imbalance”. It can take three main forms:
1.  physical
2.  verbal
3.  social alienation

and can occur anywhere and at any time.

Cyber-bullying is a cause for increasing concern as our children use digital forms of communication such as the mobile phone or the Internet.

All staff, both teaching and administration, in San Silvestre are committed to dealing with bullying by focusing on:
1.  the victim
2.  the bully
3.  the group that witnesses the incident

rather than on a simple punishment of the bully.

1. The staff will not tolerate bullying behaviour.
2. Children will be encouraged to communicate their concerns, either openly through an anonymous channel, and parents will also be involved in the policy.
3. In San Silvestre School, a proactive position is seen to be more productive and positive than a reactive one. All the children from Nursery to Form IV of Senior School have set up their Grade/ Section guidelines for positive, friendly and respectful behaviour.
4. Staff have guidelines for dealing with any reported or observed incidents, not in a judgemental way but as mediators to help all parties find an equitable solution.
5. Children must be encouraged to avoid web-pages which invite negative personal comments.
Parents can take an active role in ensuring that computer use at home is controlled.
6. It is vital that San Silvestre students feel secure that staff and parents will support them in promoting respectful behaviour and firmly rejecting negative attitudes in words or deeds.

The following documents are posted on the School Extranet:
1.  What is bullying?
2.  Policy in San Silvestre
3.  Bullying: Policy in detail
4.  Bullying: Attitudes we promote

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