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Other Grades Admission

Students applying to other grades or transferring from other schools may apply at any time during the year if there are vacancies in the relevant grade.

To find out if there are vacancies in a particular year group, please email or contact our Director of Admissions, Mrs. Valeria Talleri :

If there is a vacancy, the application form, available at the school’s Reception Office or via the link shown at the end of this document, should be completed. Please note, the following items should be submitted with the application form:

  • 4 carnet-sized photographs of the child
  • 1 copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • 1 colour copy of the child’s DNI
  • 1 colour copy of the mother’s DNI
  • 1 colour copy of the father’s DNI
  • International families should present a copy of their Foreign Resident’s card or passport

Once the application form and requested documents are presented, the Admissions Office will contact the parents to arrange an interview and an evaluation of the child (2nd grade and up). Both are essential requirements in the admission process.

A non-reimbursable and non-transferable sum of 500.00 soles is charged to cover the cost of processing the application. Parents will be sent an e-mail indicating the code for payment at the bank.

The Admissions Office will inform the parents once a decision has been taken.


    Lateral Admissions

    • From Grade 2 to Form VI

      1.  Applicants from a foreign school must validate or revalidate their primary and/or secondary studies abroad.

      The validation/revalidation process must be completed by the applicant’s father or mother, or the holder of a power or attorney issued by either parent.

      The type of procedure to be carried out will depend on the country in which the student completed her last year of studies.

      • Validation: Peru officially recognizes the syllabuses of the countries it has an on-going agreement with, as follows:

        Andrés Bello Agreement: Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, Chile, Spain, México, Panama, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Ecuador
        Peru - Argentina Agreement: Argentina

      • Revalidation: This process applies to applicants whose primary and/or secondary studies took place in a country that has no agreement with Peru and therefore such studies cannot be recognized by a difference in the syllabuses.

      2.  For both validation and revalidation purposes and before arriving in Peru, the applicant must obtain the following documents required by the Peruvian Ministry of Education:

      • Identity Document (DNI), Valid Passport or Foreign Resident’s Card
      • Original and copy of the applicant’s Birth Certificate.  If the student is not Peruvian, her birth certificate must be apostilled by her country of birth or legalized by the Peruvian Consulate in that country.
      • Original and copy of the official studies certificates for the years studied abroad, in accordance with the following table.
      Students applying to the following grades Must bring
      G2 to Form I of Secondary (FI)  Studies certificates for each year from 1st grade to the last year of studies.
      Form II (FII) to Form IV of Secondary (FIV)  Studies certificates for each year from Year 1 of Secondary to the last year of studies.

      3.  Studies certificates must be duly legalized. Depending on the country of origin, the legalization processes are as follows:

      • If the country of origin is part of the Hague Convention, the documents must have the Apostille of The Hague, issued by that country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its equivalent.

      • If the country of origin is not part of the Hague Convention, the documents must be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of origin and the nearest Peruvian Consulate. Upon arrival in Peru, they must be legalized in the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

      4.  Once in Peru, all certificates in a foreign language must be translated into Spanish by a Certified Public Translator duly registered with the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Peruvian Association of Translators.

      If the student studied in Peru prior to studying abroad, her parents must produce her Peruvian studies certificate.

      For further information, please log into the Peruvian Ministry of Education via the following LINK