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About San Silvestre

Parents’ Association

In San Silvestre we believe that parents are our strategic partners in the education of their children; therefore our system is based on a close relationship amongst the adults responsible for educating the girls.

In addition to appointments with the Headmistress, Head of Section, Year Co-ordinator, teaching staff or psychologists, parents may use the channel of the Parents’ Association for general areas of concern, taking into account that specific issues relating to their daughter should be dealt with in an individual manner with the staff of the school.

The Parents’ Association has always been supportive in organising activities for the school, the funds of which have been used to improve the infrastructure and equipment. It is thanks to the Association’s interest and commitment that the Sports Complex and the Art Centre were built, among many other projects.

The Board of the Parents’ Association for 2014 is as follows:

President:  Mariella Garrido de Albertini (Form IV)

Marisa González de Calda (Form VI)
Claudia Llosa de Arnillas (Form V)
Sandra Papa de Bustamante (Form III)
Sandra Ortiz de Ferrand (Form II)
Juani Bentín Gandini (Form I)
Lara Llosa de del Solar (Grade 6)
Dariela Cornejo de del Valle (Grade 6)
Janice Hanza de Espinoza (Grade 5)
Patricia Pinillos de Kazmierski (Grade 4)
Carla Woolcott de Ocampo (Grade 4)
Pilar Yzaga de Musso (Grade 3)
Paloma Núñez de Blanco (Grade 2)
Andrea Berckholtz de García Miró (Grade 1)
Claudia Arévalo de Muñoz (Grade 1)
Sybille Mrdjenovich de Rosas (Reception)
Daphnie Ljubicic de Bracale (Reception)
Julie Lindley de Ortmann (Pre-School)
Lorena Calda de Noriega (Nursery)

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