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About San Silvestre

Board of Directors

The First Board of Governors was formed in 1944 when Miss Kufal completed the paperwork to convert the school into a limited partnership. The Board not only proposed to continue the guidelines established by Miss Kufal, but also decided to raise funds to buy a plot of land on which to build new premises. The new school was built in 1950 under the direction of a new Chairman, Mr. Leslie Lee.

Members of the Board of Directors work ad honorem and are responsible for:

- Formally establishing and safeguarding the school’s long-term philosophy and policies
- Strategic planning and the development of financial policies to implement the plans

The present Board of Directors of San Silvestre School is comprised as follows:

Sra. Marcela Benavides de Burga - Chairman
Sra. Karen Weinberger - Vice-Chairman
Sr. Gonzalo Basadre -  Treasurer

Members of the Board

Sr. Edmundo Bragagnini
Sra. Ursula Freundt-Thurne
Sr. Franco Giuffra
Sr. Felipe Morris
Sr. Francis Stenning
Dr. Luis Bedoya Escurra
Sra. Mariana Pardo Chrem


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