Ex - Pupils
Successful women

The best proof of success of the British educational system, of which San Silvestre is a striking example,  is the personal and professional success of ex-pupils.  The level of outstanding education provided by San Silvestre is reflected by the many numbers of graduates who have succeeded in a variety of careers and disciplines.  San Silvestre alumnae are our best letter of presentation and guarantee of quality education that the school and staff proudly offer to all our students.

All of them in some way reflect the knowledge and values they learnt in San Silvestre. Below is a representative list of outstanding ex-pupils who have been successful in a wide range of fields:

Arianna Carughi Canziani - NEO LIFE Company GNLD International Scientific Advisory Board
Silvia Bastante – Monitor Group, London
Susana Eléspuru – Past President of Procter & Gamble (Peru, Ecuador & Bolivia)
Olga Cornejo de Arana – Ebel International -  Corporate Marketing Vice President for Latin America
María Luisa Martinez – Journalist and Emmy Award winner
Ximena de la Quintana – Journalist in charge of a financial programme on Channel N
Julie Freundt – singer
Valeria Ghezzi – Artist
Sofía Mulanovich – World Surfing Champion
Lorena Blanco –  Olympic Badminton Team
María Paz Valle Riestra – Dancer
Claudia (Muss) Hernández – Artist


Susana Eléspuru - Past President of Procter & Gamble (Perú, Ecuador & Bolivia)
Sofía Mulanovich - Surf World Champion
Julie Freundt - Folk Singer
Silvia Bastante - OAS - Organization of American States
María Luisa Martinez - Journalist and winner of the Emmy Awards
Olga Cornejo de Arana - Ebel Internacional. Corporative Marketing Vice President.
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