San Silvestre School

The modern facilities of the Early Years Section are comprised of Nursery, Pre-School, Reception and Grade One classrooms, all of which are equipped with computers.  This section has its own auditorium, gymnasium, music room, library, computer laboratory as well as art, sciences and playing areas.

English and Spanish classes take place in the main classrooms.  In addition, there are modern computer laboratories, a music room, a Science laboratory, an English laboratory, a Mathematics laboratory and a Special Needs area.  Art classes are held in the Art Centre in the Senior building.  The Primary Section has its own library and video/languages laboratory.

The Secondary Section is situated in a modern, four storey building.  The Art Centre on the fourth floor contains three class studios, a room for pottery and sculpture and a large exhibition hall.

In addition to the regular classrooms, there are four computer rooms, two staff computer rooms, a soundproof music room, six modern Science laboratories, a library, a conference room with a stage and video facilities, a storage room for books, a printing room, a kitchen for activities, an office for the audio-visual technician and a photographic room.

State-of-the-art computers and software are part of the facilities, even for the youngest pupils, thus ensuring that all girls have access to peak technology.  In addition to its modern computer laboratories, the school also has  mobile laptop laboratories and a wireless network, so that pupils can gain access to Internet from any part of the building.

The Topy Conroy Sports Complex  was inaugurated in 1995.  It contains a multi-functional court (basketball/volleyball/badminton) with a capacity for 800 spectators, an aerobics room, a gymnasium and a heated eight-lane swimming pool which is used all year round.

There are also two outdoor basketball and volleyball courts and a playing field.  These are shared by Primary and Secondary pupils.  Both sections have a lunch-time picnic area equipped with tables and chairs.

The administration office is situated in a separate house  located near the main school building.


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