San Silvestre School
Educational Programme

In San Silvestre we believe that the learning process should take place in an inspiring and caring environment that gives children the opportunity to develop their different skills.  We also believe that children grow and learn at their own rate, therefore we provide an environment which accepts these differences and strives to meet  individual needs.

In San Silvestre we show concern for each individual pupil, encouraging her to fully develop her potential.  Our system is based on an individualised programme in which the development of each pupil’s own interests are respected.  From Nursery (age 3) to Sixth Form in Secondary, each girl is encouraged to compete with herself and exceed her own goals.

Constant innovation enables us to adapt our curriculum and teaching methods so that they are consistent with the world we live in.

We are very proud of being able to teach every girl an excellent programme without unfair pressure.   Our pupils gradually learn to assume responsibilities and learn to do their best at all times.  Hence our history of outstanding academic results.


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