San Silvestre School
Our Philosophy

San Silvestre provides a stimulating, happy and caring atmosphere in which each pupil is encouraged to achieve her potential with confidence and self-esteem.

Having had the full opportunities of an integral formation, a San Silvestre pupil can assume her role in society as a valuable person capable of contributing positively to whatever environment in which she is involved.

A happy school, with high academic standards, San Silvestre School for Girls provides an environment which fosters individual goals and achievements while providing a friendly and caring atmosphere throughout the school. The dedicated staff are committed to providing a stimulating environment in which the needs of the girls are met in academic, sporting, cultural, artistic, technological, communication, social, civic and spiritual areas.  Each pupil, from the Nursery 3 year-olds to the Secondary Section 18 year-olds, is encouraged to compete with herself and this is possible in an atmosphere where she can grow in confidence.

As a British-Peruvian school, it is absolutely essential that we transmit the virtues of both cultures, strengthening pupils’  individual skills and encouraging all efforts aimed at their overall development.  Academic training, learning languages, social commitment and self-competition are some of the goals achieved through consistent encouragement and monitoring from a very early age.

“I am, I can, I ought, I will”
That is our motto, which is a true reflection of the philosophy of life that we try to transmit to the girls who  have been entrusted to us.  Our goal is to ensure that our students leave school with a high level of self-esteem, a good measure of common sense and the ability to stretch themselves, to commit themselves to become actively involved in their community and to assume the responsibility for their own actions.  Our girls realise that through their own work they can achieve personal development.


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