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Our Teachers

Selected from among the best in Great Britain, Peru and other countries, San Silvestre teachers share the school’s philosophy, considering each pupil as a unique and special individual.  A warm teacher-pupil relationship gives the girls the opportunity to express their opinions, take initiatives, contribute ideas and provide solutions.

The school is acknowledged as an institution with a highly qualified teaching staff, hence the advice and assistance requested by different private and State entities.

The teaching staff are constantly developing, updating and perfecting their knowledge and techniques, regularly attending local and international  workshops, conferences and courses.  The school has a permanent consultant and the curriculum is evaluated by international experts who regularly visit San Silvestre.

The School currently has 130 qualified teachers and assistants.

  • In Nursery and Pre-School there are 8 groups of 12-14 children with one teacher and one assistant per group.
  • In Reception there are 8 groups of 13 girls with one teacher and one assistant per group.
  • In grades 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 there are 4 sections of 20 – 25 children with one teacher and one assistant per group.
  • From Grade 6 to Form V in Secondary School there are 5 groups with an average of 20 pupils.  On average, there are 6 groups for classes in English.
  • In Forms III, IV, V and VI, optional classes are directed at groups with a variable number of pupils. 

The school also relies on the services and assistance of educational psychologists in all three sections.


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