San Silvestre School
Ex – Pupils’ Association

One of the outstanding aspects of their education in San Silvestre, is the students’ sense of solidarity in their promotion and the firm friendship that not only lasts even after school but grows stronger as the students go their separate ways.

One of the greatest supports in fostering the spirit of solidarity is the Ex – Pupils’ Association,  which encourages a close link with the school in all its functions and liaisons with the pupils, staff and parents.

Its central ethos is to integrate its members in the common aims of friendship and humanistic qualities based on the positive set of values encouraged by the school.  It is an integral part of the school, not an extension or a separate body.

The Ex – Pupils’ Association supports the school in several ways, both in practical, material terms and in ethos.  It welcomes, with their graduation, each year’s new ex – pupils; it helps its members in need in educational areas and it promotes community awareness in support of social services.

The success of the Ex – Pupils’ Association lies in its members and their commitment, but especially in those committee members’ who selflessly give their time to working for the benefit of the Association and the school.  They are a fine example of the school motto:

“I am, I can, I ought, I will”



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