San Silvestre School
Formative Area


San Silvestre is a lay school in which girls of all religions are welcome.  The school offers a Scripture programme for non-Catholic pupils and Religion classes for Catholics.  The latter receive a religious formation from Reception to Form VI.  Our Religion Department is comprised of two teachers for Junior School two teachers for Senior School and the continuous support of our Spiritual Counsellor, Padre Jorge Roos.

Our main objective is to give pupils an education for life, based on human and Christian values, thus enhancing their academic formation with a spiritual formation.  To this end we give pupils the opportunity to prepare themselves for Holy Communion in Grade Three and for Confirmation in Form IV.  In addition, one day retreats, weekend retreats and Masses are organized during the year to encourage their spiritual growth, providing adequate space and time for meditation and prayer.  The retreats are for the Form IV pupils who are preparing for Confirmation.  Pupils of Forms V and VI also have optional retreats.



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