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The philosophy of San Silvestre school is based on the conviction that a good academic formation requires an effective Personal and Social Development (PSE) programme.  This should reinforce social and emotional skills, which are essential for the entire learning process.  In secondary school, this work is enhanced by the Orientation and PSE programmes.

Pupils of Grade 6 and Forms I and II have one hour a week of Guidance, under the guidance of a psychologist who gains their confidence.  In this encouraging environment, different subjects are discussed and activities take place, mainly for guidance and prevention purposes.  Also, the subjects discussed in the PSE programme are discussed.

The PSE programme in secondary was created as part of the Personal and Social Development Programme to improve the development and monitoring of pupils from Grade 6 to Form V.  This pioneer programme in Peru is based on the British experience in this area, the training which the Senior Mistress received in the United Kingdom, the contributions of Year Coordinators and Peruvian tutors and the constant appraisal of teachers and pupils.

The purpose of the PSE programme is to provide updated information and opportunities for reflection and discussion to encourage pupils to make positive and mature decisions and consolidate their values.  In addition, it reinforces their study habits, encourages integration, teamwork and the development of leadership qualities.


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