San Silvestre School

Thank you for your interest in San Silvestre.  I hope this web page enables you to discover what makes San Silvestre the best option for the education of your daughter.

The School motto “I am, I can, I ought, I will” clearly reflects the values and level of excellence of San Silvestre ever since its foundation in 1938.

Throughout almost 70 years, San Silvestre has kept alive a special spirit and tradition that have earned it the reputation of being unique.   San Silvestre offers a combination of British and Peruvian education that provides our students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive and globalised world.  It also strengthens their commitment to Peru and encourages them to face the challenges of their own culture.

It is gratifying to witness how our students explore the different alternatives we offer them,  discovering their own strengths, developing different skills and reinforcing their self-esteem.  They fully develop their potential that enables them, throughout their lives, to set out clear goals and go far to make their dreams come true.

San Silvestre offers a unique blend of personal attention, a challenging curriculum and a highly qualified, dedicated teaching staff who are fully committed to their work and eager to share their knowledge and experience.

We hope you will visit us, meet  our teachers and students, walk around the school grounds and discover for yourself why San Silvestre remains so special.


Rina Bayly
Av. Santa Cruz 1251, Miraflores Lima Perú. Teléfono (511) 241-3334 Job Opportunities
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