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International Baccalaureate (IB) 2010

San Silvestre pupils obtained the highest score in the country

San Silvestre pupil Lucía Rodrigo was the only Peruvian to obtain a PERFECT SCORE in all her IB examinations. Lucía’s achievement is even more significant considering that very few students worldwide obtained these exceptional results.  

San Silvestre students performed better than their peers worldwide.

Averages per course

                 Students Excel in different courses

San Silvestre results exceed the world averages


30 or more*

35 or more*

General Average *

Average Score**

San Silvestre










* of a total of 45 points
** of a total of 7 points

IGCSE International General Certificate of Secondary Education

All Form IV pupils sat their Cambridge University exams.  Each student sat an average of 9 exams.

Impressive achievements

88.6% of the pupils obtained marks that are considered excellent worldwide (C or +) in 5 or more courses.

All the students who sat the First Language English examination obtained excellent grades (C or more) and 68% of them obtained the top mark.  These scores are even more remarkable when compared with worldwide figures: On a worldwide scale, 68% obtained C or more in this course and only 22.2% obtained top marks.

All our pupils who sat the French examination in Form III obtained the top grade.

Our students excelled in all IGCSE courses

Percentage of students who obtained C or more in each course compared to worldwide percentages


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