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The IGCSE is a two-year course prepared by Cambridge University for pupils aged 14 to 16.  This is a broad-based, flexible programme designed to prepare students for subsequent pre-university courses.  In San Silvestre School, this programme is followed in Forms III and IV, culminating with the external examinations taken entirely in English, this being a reliable and useful indicator for both the school and the pupils.

The IGCSE programme offers a large variety of courses, providing pupils with a broad, well-balanced base.  The following courses are included in the areas covered:

  • Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese
  • Humanities: Geography, History, Economics, Child Development
  • Science: Combined Science
  • Technology: Information Technology
  • Arts: English Literature, Spanish Literature, Art and Music.

In San Silvestre, students can take up to ten IGCSE courses, the average number being between seven and eight per pupil, six being the minimum.

This is an  Information and Communication Technology Diploma awarded by Cambridge University.  To obtain this diploma, pupils must have already obtained the four individual diplomas covering such areas as data base, web pages, presentations and basic computer skills.  These Diplomas are valid on their own or as an overall part of the ICT Diploma.  Pupils take this course  in Forms III and IV at the same time as the IGCSE courses.


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